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Emergency Rescue Keychain

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  • This tiny tool can save your life. Or the life of someone you've sworn to protect.

    A versatile little life-saver. It was designed to be used by public safety officers, on duty and off. In fact, this inexpensive, lightweight key-chain size tool delivers performance comparable to many full-size extrication tools. With its integrated, stainless steel window punch and razor sharp cutter blade, it can quickly break out windows and slice through seat belts—allowing you, or someone you care about, to escape from an overturned, submerged, or otherwise disabled vehicle.

    • Cuts seat belts in seconds
    • Breaks side windows in a snap
    • Small, ultra-light, easy to carry almost anywhere
    • Easy to use by first responders or civilians alike
    • Made in U.S.A

    For personal safety. It can be attached to your car keys or any place in your vehicle that’s visible and easy to reach in an emergency. It can be removed from its attachment point simply by pulling the tool away from the clip. There’s no need to take the keys out of the ignition or unthread the device from a key ring. Just pull. And because pulling the device away from the clip also exposes the seat belt cutter, it is instantly ready for use.

    For first responders…or the first person you think of. Heavy “rescue” knives, multi-tools, and specialized extrication tool kits may work, but at less than 3” long, ½” thick, and only 0.6 oz., the tough little thing can literally beat larger, more cumbersome tools to the punch. Firefighters and first responders of all kinds get it—this exceptional tool does the job. And they can be carried just about anywhere. No wonder the they have quickly become a must-have personal tool for police officers, SWAT teams, paramedics and firefighters all around the world.

 To break the window in case of emergency:

1.  Remove the cap - Simply pull down to remove it from the key-chain.

2. Cut the seat belt - The safety blade can be used to cut seat belt in case of emergency. 

3. Break the glass - Press the trigger of firing pin against the window until it clicks.