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Tactical Hard Knuckle Combat Gloves

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Retail Price: $49.99   TODAY'S PRICE: $29.99


  • Hard Molded Knuckles: Made of strong EVA material to never crack or break
  • Reinforced Palm: Double layer anti-skid pads ensure nothing will get or fall through your hands
  • Adjustable wrist strap: Tightly secures to any size hands with a hook-and-loop closure
  • Water&Wear Resistant: Specially treated to resist small amounts of water 
  • Works With Touch Screens: Touch pad fingers let you operate phones and other electronics
  • Extremely Breathable: Ventilation holes on each finger allow great air flow through out the gloves
  • Microfiber Loop: Allows for easy attachment to a pack or to hang up
  • Made and shipped from the USA!!!

Tough, light weight and breathable! The Tactical Combat Gloves are designed to keep hands safe without sacrificing control of weapons and tools. These hard molded gloves have a non-slip touch screen pad and the palms have an extra panel for reinforcement. Ideal for law enforcement and first responders, for any tactical or military situations, hunting and fishing, climbing, hiking and much more.  

✔ Adjustable strap & better wearing experience
✔ Screen touching leather & breathable vent
✔ Anti-slip & impact resistant
✔ Quick-drying & easy to wash
✔ Highly Friction Sports and Work Adapted




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