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Rifle Cheek Rest Riser


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  • Tactical Crown Cheek Rest with carrier carrying case for ammunition
  • Ambidextrous cheek rest to fit most fixed rifle stocks
  • Hook and loop straps to make a comfortable fit for left-handed or right-handed shooters
  • Removable padded insert is included to help with the most natural point of view
  • Made of nylon to prevent your cheek from slipping even when temperatures rise
  • Triple strap adjustment and ambidextrous design
  • Removable center pad to reduce eye relief
  • Removable Covered 7 Round ammo carrier

Having a comfortable and consistent grip on your rifle can make all the difference in hitting you mark over and over again. if you are consistently adjusting and re-adjusting you head then you wont be able to have the tight groups we all love. The Cheek Rest Riser solves this problem easily, simple attach it to the butt stock of your favorite rifle and worry no more. Fully adjustable straps allow it to fit any rifle and the adjustable pad allows you to change the height to fit any shooter. As well as storing an extra few rounds, should the need arise.


Material: Nylon
Size: 9*8*4.5 inches
Weight: 7.2 ounces
Color: Black / Green / Khaki