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Wood Burning Stove Compact Kit

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A compact, portable wood/alcohol stove, a must have for all serious backpackers, survivalists and campers!

The wood camping stove comes in a nylon mesh drawstring storage bag. The pieces fit into themselves to make it really compact. You can use wood, paper, pine cones or just about anything else that will burn in here, alcohol is also effective. Airflow holes for burning the wood thoroughly and less smoke will be created. 3 legs supporting system creates a stable cooking platform and distributes heat evenly. It fits for most of pots and pans in our hiking use. About 7 minutes for boiling a small pot of water. This can belongs in any bug out bag, camping bag, your vehicle, permanent cabin or camp and your house. It can defiantly help you survive an emergency scenario because it can give you heat, cook food, and boil water for safety all from free fuel that you have all around you!

Packed Size(H*W): 5.9*5.3 inches
Weight:12.7 oz
Materials: Hardened Stainless Steel

Do not allow children to use stove alone.
Do not use it indoor, in tent or other enclosed areas.
Do not use it on top of a wooden picnic table because the stove will leave a burn mark.
Be careful 3 legs are sharp.